Fred Brown Recovery Services is a non-profit 12 Step based residential treatment program for adult men.  We have been serving our community for over 28 years, helping thousands recover from the disease of addiction.


Fred Brown Recovery Services offers professional interventions.  Knowledgeable and professional staff will assist you and your loved one in getting help.  In fact, the intervention is the first step toward everyone getting help.

A carefully planned intervention based on love and compassion can be highly effective.  The process begins with our treatment team assessing individual needs and circumstances to determine if an intervention is beneficial and appropriate.  The interventionist will outline options for the family such as the structure of the intervention, type of treatment, medical issues, insurance coverage, and payment options.

The Interventionist will guide the family through each specific step of the process.  Every step of the way will be thoroughly explained in advance and multiple scenarios will be presented to prepare family members in understanding anticipated resistance.  The interventionist will explain the crucial role loved ones and others will have in this powerful process.  

Our goal is for your loved one to accept help and arrangements made in advance for admission to a treatment program that is best suited.  We start by challenging the barriers, beliefs and denial of the addiction. There is strength in numbers and the participants encourage and support the addicted individual and each other in the belief that their family system and relationships can be restored. 

A well executed intervention is a viable weapon against active addiction.  We all know too well the ultimate consequence of this destructive disease.  Addiction also has profound consequences for family members. An intervention brings family and friends together by moving them from crisis to restored hope, serenity and a lifestyle of healthy choices.

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Residential Program

For many, a structured residential program is the best solution.  Fred Brown Recovery Services offers a 12 step based residential program that incorporates the “Best Practices” as defined by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Treatment is provided in a clean, comfortable and friendly home-like atmosphere.  Individual attention and small group size in an important feature of our program.  While we directly confront the disease and its’ symptoms, our philosophy is one that involves love, patience, and kindness.

Because the disease of addiction has many dimensions and disrupts so many aspects of an individual’s life, our approach to treatment incorporates a variety of components, each directed at a particular aspect of the illness and its consequences.  During treatment, counselors and other professionals bring together different perspectives and disciplines to assist the individual address each their own particular needs and situations. In an effort to establish and maintain balance and harmony, the patient is directed to work on areas where there is a lack or over reliance. 

The four phases of the program are designed to assist the individual in developing attainable goals and objectives.  Each person is provided with opportunities to challenge self-destructive concepts, create structure, increase personal responsibilities, practice coping strategies, enhance self-esteem, reunify the family, experience personal growth and develop a new way of life.  The appropriate duration of treatment for each individual is evaluated in light of research that reveals the threshold of significant improvement is reached for most individuals within a 90 day timeframe.  Throughout the course of treatment initial resistance fades as the recognition of personal growth takes over to motivate the individual through to completion.
Our Program Emphasizes:

•          Personalized Treatment Planning
•          Individual Attention
•          Experienced and Caring Staff
•          Licensed and Certified Counselors and other professionals
•          Clean Friendly Home-Like Atmosphere
•          Group Therapy and Education
•          Individual Counseling
•          Spiritual Counseling
•          Family Counseling
•          Meditation and Stress Management
•          Anger Management
•          Relapse Prevention
•          Vocational Planning and Assistance
•          Community Resource Referrals
•          Social Service Assistance
•          Discharge Planning and Aftercare

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Outpatient Program

Outpatient may be the right choice for some individuals seeking treatment.  Our program offers a full continuum of care including specialized outpatient programs to meet a variety of needs and intensities.   

We understand the demands of daily living and specific needs of each person are taken into consideration.  Outpatient programs may be tailored to include mornings and afternoons that range from once a week to daily.

Identifying and challenging problematic thought patterns along with developing healthy and positive problem solving techniques takes commitment.   Along with your commitment we offer our commitment and the opportunity to transition to residential treatment if the severity of addiction deems necessary to increase treatment level.

  • Tailored Outpatient Program
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Licensed & Certified Staff
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Co-Dependency Education
  • Disease Concept Education
  • Recreation Therapy
  • Stress Management
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Court Liaison & Referrals

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Relapse Prevention

Lifelong abstinence from all mood altering chemicals is the number one goal.   While relapse is sometimes part of the recovery process it is not necessarily an inevitable part.  Our program is a series of lectures, workshops, and group counseling designed to provide each participant with a road map for recovery and long term abstinence through education and prevention planning. Realistically facing and planning for the possibility of relapse is the only way to prevent it. Individuals will be provided the opportunity to focus on multiple areas as they relate to a successful recovery.

Our Program Emphasizes:

  • The Disease of Concept of Addiction
  • Stages of Recovery
  • Understanding Relapse
  • Managing Symptoms of Withdrawal
  • Role of Substitute Addictions
  • Involvement with Support Network
  • Follow-up and Reinforcement
  • Phases and Warning Signs of the Relapse Syndrome
  • Family Involvement in the Recovery Process
  • Warning Signs for Co-Addiction
  • The Relapse Prevention Self-Help Group
  • Development of a Relapse Prevention Plan

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Anger Management

Anger is a basic human emotion, it is used to express negative feelings such as; rage, depression, frustration, fear, unhappiness, and disappointment.  Our program is designed to help individuals better understand themselves so they may recognize and normalize anger. 

The expression of anger is a learned response; therefore, these behaviors can be unlearned and reconditioned in order to fall within normal expressions of this emotion.  As long as anger dominates any of us, it is difficult to lead a healthy positive life.

Individuals will learn to identify, manage and control anger so that is does not become a destructive force.  Our program has helped many whose lives and relationships have been torn from expressing anger in destructive ways. 

The course consists of a number of weekly sessions depending on the needs of the individual or as may be mandated by the court.  Participants will learn how to rebuild relationships in order to live more healthy, content and meaningful lives.

Our Program Emphasizes:

  • The role of the individual’s responsibility in changing behavior.
  • Identifying stress situations and anger triggers.
  • Developing a working understanding of one’s own anger.
  • Identifying “situational anger” that can result in violent behavior.
  • Gaining a better understanding how anger affects family members.             
  • Enhancing communication skills and listening techniques.
  • Incorporating new coping skills to handle anger and stress.
  • The ability to release and express anger in acceptable ways.

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Family Program

Chemical dependency is a family disease.  It affects the emotional, physical, and the spiritual well being of the family members.  Our program is designed to help both the individual and their family understand and cope with the disease of addiction.

We provide a friendly atmosphere and a professional understanding of the problems and personal family situations.  The family will be introduced to various aspects of addiction through educational and therapeutic group sessions.  Family members will have the opportunity to address their own concerns as well as the concerns of their loved one.  What is most important, is that the family has the opportunity to heal from the trauma addiction brings.  The support and involvement of the family during and after treatment of the individual is vital for both the family and the individual’s recovery.

Our program emphasizes the following keys to your family’s recovery:

  • Addiction is not a disgrace.  Like any illness when treated properly, recovery is possible.
  • Addiction is not about willpower. The “if you loved me” approach does not work.
  • Hiding the truth or pretending the addiction does not exist simply enables.
  • Let your loved one face and solve the consequences of their actions.  Don’t do that which they can do for themselves.
  • Idle threats only make a person feel that you don’t mean what you say.
  • Look towards progress not perfection.  As with most illnesses, there are phases of recovery.
  • Offer lots of love, support and understanding in each other’s program of recovery.

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Sober Living

Sober living is a valuable stepping stone towards re-entry into the community. Fred Brown Recovery Services Sober Living is designed to provide a supportive living environment to those individuals in recovery from chemical addiction.  The living environment is shared with other individuals who are faced with similar challenges.  Our sober living offers a safe supportive place for individuals to relate to one another and discover that they are not alone in their quest for lifelong freedom from the bondage of addiction.  

Individuals are provided with opportunities for professional and peer support during this reintegration process. These progressive steps build on one another in order to prepare individuals to enter back into social settings, such as with the family, education, the community, the workforce, and many other social circumstances. Building a strong foundation is essential for abstinence to last a lifetime.  

  • On-Site Experienced Staff  
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • Court & Employer Reports
  • Social Service Assistance
  • Spacious Furnished Homes
  • Fully Equipped Kitchens
  • Meals may be provided if requested
  • Telephone & Cable Television
  • Patio & Barbeques
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Outpatient Programs   
  • Close to transportation and retail.

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